Sunderkand Pdf Download In Hindi

Today we are going to share with you Sunderkand Pdf In Hindi. This file contains the Sunderkand path in Hindi language. So download this Pdf for free on your mobile or laptop to read it anytime or anywhere.

Sunderkand Pdf Download In Hindi
Sunderkand Pdf Download In Hindi

Sunderkand Pdf Download or Read it Online.

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About Sunderkand

Sunderkand is one of the important chapters from the Epic Ramayana. The Valmiki Ramayan is an Indian Hindu ancient epic that tells the story of Lord Rama’s journey to rescue his wife Sita from the Demon king Ravana.

The Snderkand is considered one of the most important and respected chapters of the Ramayana. The meaning of the word “kand” is Chapter. And it is named “Sunderkand” because of the beauty of the narration of this story and the events described during this particular section.

In the Sunderkand, Hanuman has the main character in the Ramayana, and he goes on a mission to find Sita in Lanka, where she is imprisoned by Ravana. Hanuman crosses the ocean by Jumping and reaching Lanka. Then he explores Lanka, finds Sita, and reassures her of Rama will be arrive coming soon to rescue her.

The Sunderkand is known for its devotional and spiritual importance. Many Hindus read or listen to the Sunderkand to take blessings, protection, and strength. It is believed that reading or listening to the Sunderkand helps us to overcome barriers, brings affluence, and helps to increase devotion to Lord Rama.

The chapter consists of various verses written in the Sanskrit Language. It is mostly chanted in temples, homes, and during religious gatherings. The Sunderkand does not only contain Hanuman’s adventures but also philosophical and moral teachings that are most relevant to our life.

Devotees believe that reciting the Sunderkand with devotion and understanding can bring us to get blessings from the Rama’s. It is considered the best way to get Rama’s courage, blessings, and protection during difficult times.

Important Facts About Sunderkand

Placement in the Ramayana: Sunderkand is one of the most oldest and widely known versions of the epic Ramayana and it is the fifth chapter of Valmiki Ramayana. it is situated between the chapters of the Sundarakanda and Yuddhakanda.

Hanuman’s Journey: Sunderkand focuses on Hanuman’s journey to find Sita in Lanka. Sunderkand also focuses on Hanuman’s bravery, intelligence, and devotion to Lord Rama.

Significance of the Name: The meaning of a Sunderkand is “Beautiful Chapter”. The name “Sunderkand” is given because of the beautiful narration of this epic and the events described during this section of Ramayana.

Hanuman’s Leap: Sunderkand Highlights the Hanuman’s Extraordinary Leap across the Ocean and Reach the Lanka. It is said that he achieved this by invoking divine power and his determination.


In summary, the Sunderkand is an important chapter in the Valmiki Ramayana that narrates the story of Hanuman finding Sita and he reassures Sita that Rama will rescue her coming soon. It is appreciated by the Hindus because of its devotional value and its ability to inspire faith, courage, and spiritual growth.

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