Revolution 2020 Pdf

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Revolution 2020 Pdf
Revolution 2020 Pdf

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PDF NameRevolution 2020
Free PDFAvailable
Book ByChetan Bhagat
PublishedJanuary 1, 2011
Size770 KB

Revolution 2020 Pdf Book Review Summary in English

Revolution 2020 is a novel and it is written by an Indian author Chetan Bhagat. And this novel is published in the year 2011 after publishing this novel gained significant popularity in India. The story Revolution 2020 revolves around the main three characters which are Gopal, Aarti, and Raghav who lives in the city of Varanasi.

This story is a combination of romance, friendships, and social issues which is popular in the existing India. Gopal and Raghav are best friends who come from different backgrounds. Gopal comes from a lower middle-class family who is ambitious but due to the lack of resources, he can’t fulfill his dreams. whereas, Raghav comes from well family and is passionate about changes in social issues.

Aarti is a mutual friend of Gopal and Raghav and both are attracted to love of her. while Gopal sees Aarti as a way to improve his financial situation, on the other hand, Raghav genuinely cares for her and supports her ambition. The novel Revolution 2020 explores the complexities of their relationships, their individual struggles, and how their choices impact their lives.

The Revolution 2020 novel also addresses various social issues such as corruption in the education system, the pursuit of wealth, and the ethical paradoxes faced by the characters. it focuses on the uncontrolled corruption in the Indian education system and highlights the challenges faced by students who do not afford quality education.

The book received mixed reviews from critics with some appreciating its depiction of social issues and relatable characters, while others criticized its simple writing style and predictable plots. despite, in contravention of the criticism, “The Revolution 2020” became a best-seller book in India, especially among the Young Generation.

Overall, “Revolution 2020” offers a glimpse into the lives of young individuals with a strong desire to navigate love, friendship, and societal pressures in present India. it raises the opposite questions about the moral fabric of society and the pursuit of personal and societal transformation.

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