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Hello friends, if you’re searching for Ramayan PDF in Hindi to download then you’re at the right place! Today I’m going to share with you Maharishi Valmiki’s Ramayan PDF in Hindi. You’ll learn a lot of things from this book.

Download Valmiki Ramayan PDF in Hindi
Download Valmiki Ramayan PDF in Hindi

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About Ramayan Book

The Indian epic Book Ramayan tells the story of Lord Ram, about his adventure to escape his wife Sita from the demon king Ravan. The main credit for this book goes to the Maharishi Valmiki he wrote this book, however, there are different versions of this epic book that have been written and updated over time.

This book contains 24000 Shlokas and 7 Kandas, also the Ramayan Book contains about 480,002 words and it is one of the largest ancient epics in world literature.

This Book are Translated into more than 21+ Languages including Marathi, Telgu, Odia, Malayalam, Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, Cambodian, etc.

Structure of the Ramayan Book

The Ramayan Book is made up of various books or chapters and they are known as Kandas. The number of Kandas and their arrangement are varied upon the adaptation of Ramayan’s. However, the most commonly recognized version of Ramayan contains 7 Kandas.

The Seven Kandas are:
  1. Balakanda (Book of Childhood): This Book describes the Childhood life of Lord Ram, his birth, and his marriage to Sita.
  2. Ayodhyakanda (Book of Ayodhya): This Book focuses the Lord Ram’s exile from Ayodhya, his 14-year life in the jungle, and Sita’s kidnapping by the Ravan.
  3. Aranyakanda (Book of the Forest): This Book contains the experience of Ram during his forest exile, his meet-ups with various sages and demons, and the story of Surpanakha.
  4. Kishkindhakanda (Book of Kishkinda): This Book centers around Ram’s alliance with the Hanuman and the Sugriva, their’s searches for Sita, and the conflict with the demon king Vali.
  5. Sundarakanda (Book of Beauty): This Book primarily revolves around the escapade of Hanuman, His journey to find Sita in Lanka, and his encounters with various challenges.
  6. Yuddhakanda (Book of War): This Book describes the war between Ram and Ravan armies and includes the construction of a bridge to reach Lanka and the last battle between the Ram and Ravan.
  7. Uttarakanda (Book of the Epilogue): This final Book contains Rama’s Return to Ayodhya and Ram and Sita’s get-together and his enthronement as the King of Ayodhya. this Book also covers the challenges and events after he returns to Ayodhya.

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