Panchatantra Stories In Hindi PDF Download

Panchatantra Stories In Hindi PDF Download using the link available below in the article. Panchatantra Stories In Hindi PDF you can download or read online the download link is available at the bottom of this article.

Panchatantra Stories In Hindi PDF Download
Panchatantra Stories In Hindi PDF Download

Panchatantra Stories In Hindi PDF contains 101 Panchatantra Stories.

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Panchatantra Stories Book Short Summary

The Panchatantra Book is an Indian ancient animal fables collection. These stories have been passed from generation to generation and these stories are known for their morals and ethical lessons.

Here we shared some popular Panchatantra Stories.

  1. The Lion and the Hare: This whole Story plays around the Hare and Lion. The smart Hare convinces Lion to Jump into the well. The moral of this story is that Wit can always overcome strengths.
  2. The Tortoise and the Geese: In this story, the Tortoise wants to Migrate from his old place to a new place but he own cant migrate due to the slow creature. So the group of Geese offers to carry the Tortoise by holding the sticks into their beaks. Then the Tortoise agrees but he tells Geese that is don’t listen to anyone on this whole journey. However, some animals see the usual sight and comment, leading to the Tortoise Downfalls. This Story gives great moral that is don’t listen to any negative or unnecessary advice.
  3. The Monkey and the Crocodile: This Story is about two friends Monkey and the Crocodile. One day Crocodile’s wife says to him that she wants to eat Monkey’s heart and Crocodile invites Monkey to dinner at his home, but the Monkey realizes the intention of Crocodile. The Moral of the story is true friendship based on trust.
  4. The Brahmin and the Mongoose: A kind-hearted Brahmin adopts the Mongoose for his child. One day Brahmin’s wife wrongly believes that the Mongoose has harmed their child so she kills the Mongoose. But after she realizes that the Mongoose has saved her child from a snake. The moral of the Story is acting without proper judgment leads to regrettable ones.
  5. The Wise Old Bird: In this story, a group of wise birds feared the bird hunter so this group of wise birds takes advice from an old and clever bird. and he suggests one piece of advice to the Wise birds that are when the hunter came to approach you need to pretend you’re dead. and the Birds followed this advice and successfully escape from the hunter’s trap. The moral of the story is sometimes it’s wise to use cunning and strategy to overcome difficult situations.

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