MS Excel Shortcut Keys Pdf 2023

Today I would like to share the MS Excel Shortcut Keys Pdf 2023 with you. This Pdf will help you to know all the MS Excel Shortcut Keys! so you can easily use all the shortcut keys in your Excel.

MS Excel Shortcut Keys Pdf 2023
MS Excel Shortcut Keys Pdf 2023

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MS Excel Shortcut Keys – General

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Open helpF1
2Undo last actionCtrl + Z
3Redo last actionCtrl + Y
4Copy selectionCtrl + C
5Repeat last actionF4
6Cut selectionCtrl + X
7Paste content from clipboardCtrl + V
8Display the Paste Special dialog boxCtrl + Alt + V
9Display nd and replace with Find tab selectedCtrl + F
10Display nd and replace with Replace tab selectedCtrl + H
11Find previous match (after initial Find)Ctrl + Shift + F4
12Find next match (after initial Find)Shift + F4
13Insert embedded chartAlt + F1
14Insert chart in new sheetF11
15Toggle Auto lterCtrl + Shift + L
16Activate lterAlt + ↓
17Create tableCtrl + T
18Select table rowShift + Space
19Select table columnCtrl + Space
20Select table (when active cell is in table)Ctrl + A
21Clear slicer lterAlt + C
22Run SpellcheckF7
23Open ThesaurusShift + F7
24Open Macro dialog boxAlt + F8
25Open VBA EditorAlt + F11
26Duplicate objectCtrl + D
27Snap to grid (whilst dragging)Alt
28Hide or show objectsCtrl + 6
29Open Modify Cell Style dialog boxAlt + ‘
30Show right-click menuShift + F10
31Display control menuAlt Space

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Worksheet

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Insert new worksheetShift + F11
2Go to next worksheetCtrl + PgDn
3Go to previous worksheetCtrl + PgUp
4Rename current worksheetAlt + O, H R
5Delete current worksheetAlt + E, L
6Move current worksheetAlt + E, M
7Move between the worksheet, Ribbon, task pane
and zoom controls in a worksheet that has been split
F6 OR Shift + F6
8Select adjacent worksheetsCtrl + Shift + PgUp/PgDn
9Select non-adjacent worksheetsCtrl + Click
10Toggle scroll lockScrLk
11Toggle full screenCtrl + Shift + F1
12PrintCtrl + P
13Open print preview windowCtrl + F2
14Set print areaAlt + P, R S
15Clear print areaAlt + P, R C
16Zoom inCtrl + Mouse Wheel Up
17Zoom outCtrl + Mouse Wheel Down
18Protect sheetAlt + R, P S

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Workbook

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Create new workbookCtrl + N
2Open workbookCtrl + O
3Save workbookCtrl + S
4Save asF12
5Go to next workbookCtrl + Tab
6Go to previous workbookCtrl + Shift + Tab
7Minimize current workbook windowCtrl + F9
8Maximize current workbook windowCtrl + F10
9Protect workbookAlt + R, P W
10Close current workbookCtrl + F4
11Close ExcelAlt + F4

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Ribbon

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Expand or collapse ribbonCtrl + F1
2Activate access keysAlt
3Move through Ribbon tabs and groups→ ← ↑ ↓
4Activate or open selected controlSpace OR Enter
5Con rm control changeEnter
6Get help on selected controlF1

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Drag And Drop (After Selecting Cells)

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Drag and cutDrag
2Drag and copyCtrl + Drag
3Drag and insertShift + Drag
4Drag and insert copyCtrl + Shift + Drag
5Drag to worksheetAlt + Drag
6Drag to duplicate worksheetCtrl + Drag

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Navigation

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Move one cell right
2Move one cell left
3Move one cell up
4Move one cell down
5Move one screen rightAlt + PgDn
6Move one screen leftAlt + PgUp
7Move one screen upPgUp
8Move one screen downPgDn
9Move to right edge of data regionCtrl + →
10Move to left edge of data regionCtrl + ←
11Move to top edge of data regionCtrl ↑
12Move to bottom edge of data regionCtrl + ↓
13Move to beginning of rowHome
14Move to last cell in worksheet that contains dataCtrl + end
15Move to rst cell in worksheetCtrl + Home
16Turn End mode onEnd

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Active Cell

Sr. No. FunctionsKeys
1Select active cell (when multiple cells already selected)Shift + Backspace
2Show the active cell on worksheetCtrl + backspace
3Move active cell clockwise to corners of selectionCtrl + .
4Move active cell down in selection – wrap to next columnEnter
5Move active cell up in selection – wrap to previous columnShift + Enter
6Move active cell right in a selection – wrap to next rowTab
7Move active cell left in a selection – wrap to previous rowShift + Tab

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Selection

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Select entire rowShift + Space
2Select entire columnCtrl + Space
3Select current region if worksheet contains data.
Press again to select current region and summary rows.
Press again to select entire worksheet.
Ctrl + A
4Expand selectionShift + Click
5Add non-adjacent cells to selectionCtrl + Click
6Move right between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl + Alt + →
7Move left between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl + alt + ←
8Toggle ‘Add to Selection’ modeShift + F8
9Exit ‘Add to Selection’ modeESC

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Extend Selection

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Extend selection rightShift + →
2Extend selection leftShift + ←
3Extend selection upShift + ↑
4Extend selection downShift + ↓
5Extend the selection to the last cell on the right that contains data,
or to the next cell that contains data, or to the last column
Ctrl + Shift + →
6Extend the selection to the last cell up that contains data,
or to the next cell that contains data, or to the first row
Ctrl + Shift + ←
7Extend the selection to the last cell up that contains data,
or to the next cell that contains data, or to the rst row
Ctrl +Shift + ↑
8Extend the selection to the last cell on the left that contains data,
or to the next cell that contains data, or to the first column
Ctrl + Shift + ↓
9Extend selection up one screenShift + PgUp
10Extend selection down one screenShift + PgDn
11Extend selection right one screenAlt + Shift + PgDn
12Extend selection left one screenAlt + Shift + PgUp
13Extend selection to start of row(s)Shift + Home
14Extend selection to rst cell in worksheetCtrl + Shift + Home
15Extend selection to last cell in worksheetCtrl + Shift + End
16Toggle ‘Extend Selection’ modeF8
17Cancel ‘Extend Selection’ modeESC

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Select Special

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Display ‘Go To’ dialog boxCtrl + G OR F5
2Select cells with commentsCtrl + Shift + O
3Select current region around active cellCtrl + Shift + *
4Select current regionCtrl + A
5Select direct precedentsCtrl + [
6Select all precedentsCtrl + Shift + {
7Select direct dependentsCtrl + ]
8Select all dependentsCtrl + Shift + }
9Select visible cells onlyAlt + ;

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Cell Edit Mode

Sr. NoFunctionsKeys
1Edit the active cellF2
2Insert or edit commentShift + F2
3Delete commentShift + F10, M
4Cancel editingESC
5Select one character rightShift + →
6Select one character leftShift + ←
7Move one word rightCtrl + →
8Move one word leftCtrl + ←
9Select one word rightCtrl + Shift + →
10Select one word leftCtrl + shift + ←
11Select to beginning of cellShift + Home
12Select to end of cellShift + End
13Delete to end of lineCtrl + Delete
14Delete character to left of cursorBackspace
15Delete character to right of cursorDelete
16Start a new line in the same cellAlt + Enter

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Entering Data

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Enter data and move downEnter
2Enter data and move upShift + Enter
3Enter data and move rightTab
4Enter data and move leftShift + Tab
5Enter data and stay in same cellCtrl + Enter
6Enter same data in multiple cells (after copying, then selecting cells)Enter
7Insert current dateCtrl + ;
8Insert current timeCtrl + Shift + :
9Fill down from cell aboveCtrl + D
10Fill right from cell on leftCtrl + R
11Copy formula from cell above (formula is exact copy)Ctrl + ‘
12Copy value from cell aboveCtrl + Shift + “
13Insert hyperlinkCtrl + K
14Display AutoComplete listAlt + ↓
15Flash llCtrl + E

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Formatting

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Format cellsCtrl + 1
2Display Format Cells with Font tab selectedCtrl + Shift + F
3Apply or remove boldCtrl + B
4Apply or remove italicsCtrl + I
5Apply or remove underscoreCtrl + U
6Apply or remove strikethroughCtrl + 5
7Align centerAlt + H, A C
8Align leftAlt + H, A L
9Align rightAlt + H, A R
10IndentAlt + H, 6
11Remove indentAlt + H, 5
12Wrap textAlt + H, W
13Align topAlt + H, A T
14Align middleAlt + H, A M
15Align bottomAlt + H, A B
16Increase font size one stepAlt + H, F G
17Decrease font size one stepAlt + H, F K

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Number Formatting

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Apply general formatCtrl + Shift + ~
2Apply number formatCtrl + Shift + !
3Apply time formatCtrl + Shift + @
4Apply date formatCtrl + Shift + #
5Apply currency formatCtrl + Shift + $
6Apply percentage formatCtrl + Shift + %
7Apply scientific formatCtrl + Shift + ^

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Borders

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Open list of border styles from RibbonAlt + H, B
2Add border around selected cellsCtrl + Shift + &
3Add or remove right borderAlt + H, B R
4Add or remove left borderAlt + H, B L
5Add or remove top borderAlt + H, B P
6Add or remove bottom borderAlt + H, B O
7Add all borders to all cells in selectionAlt + H, B A
8Remove bordersCtrl + Shift + –

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Formulas

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Begin entering a formula= OR +
2Toggle absolute and relative references (in cell edit mode)F4
3Open the Insert Function Dialog BoxShift + F3
4AutosumAlt + =
5Toggle displaying formulas on and oCtrl + `
6Insert function argumentsCtrl + Shift + A
7Enter array formulaCtrl + Shift + Enter
8Calculate worksheetsF9
9Calculate active worksheetShift + F9
10Force calculate all worksheetsCtrl + Alt + F9
11Evaluate part of a formula (in cell edit mode)F9
12Expand or collapse the formula barCtrl + Shift + U
13Display function arguments dialog boxCtrl + A
14Open Name ManagerCtrl + F3
15Create name from values in row(s)/column(s)Ctrl + Shift + F3
16Paste name into formulaF3
17Accept function with auto-completeTab

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Rows And Columns

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Display Insert Dialog boxCtrl + +
2Insert selected number of rowsCtrl + +
3Insert selected number of columnsCtrl + +
4Display Delete dialog boxCtrl + –
5Delete selected number of rowsCtrl + –
6Delete selected number of columnsCtrl + –
7Delete contents of selected cellsDelete
8Hide columnsCtrl + 0
9Hide rowsCtrl + 9
10Unhide rowsCtrl + Shift + 9
11Group rows or columns (with rows/columns selected)Alt + Shift + →
12Ungroup rows or columns (with rows/columns selected)Alt + Shift + ←
13Open Group Dialog Box (no rows/cols selected)Alt + Shift + →
14Open Ungroup Dialog BoxAlt + Shift + ←
15Hide or show outline symbolsCtrl + 8

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Pivot Tables

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Create pivot tableAlt + N, V
2Select entire pivot tableCtrl + A
3Group pivot table itemsAlt + Shift + →
4Ungroup pivot table itemsAlt + Shift + ←
5Hide ( lter out) pivot table itemCtrl + –
6Unhide (clear lter on) pivot table itemAlt + H, S C
7Insert pivot chartAlt + N, S Z C

MS Excel Shortcut Keys – Dialog Boxes

Sr. No.FunctionsKeys
1Move to next controlTab
2Move to previous controlShift + Tab
3Move to next tabCtrl + Tab
4Move to previous tabCtrl + Shift + Tab
5Accept and applyEnter
6Check and uncheck boxSpace
7Cancel and close the dialog boxESC

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