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Gigi Autopsy Report Pdf Download
Gigi Autopsy Report Pdf Download

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Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report Details

Anatomic Summary:

I. Blunt trauma, fatal.
A. Blunt trauma of the head.
  1. Multiple lacerations of the face, scalp, and neck.
  2. Multiple fractures of skull and face.
  3. Evisceration of the brain.
B. Blunt trauma of chest and abdomen.
  1. Traumatic injuries of the neck, left shoulder, and lower abdomen.
  2. Multiple fractures of ribs, spine, and hips.
  3. Evisceration of internal organs.
C. Blunt trauma of extremities.
  1. A. Multiple fractures of the left arm.
  2. B. Traumatic amputation of right arm. 1. Right forearm and hand submitted separately.
  3. C. Multiple fractures of the femurs.
  4. D. Traumatic amputation of lower extremities. 1. Both feet recovered.
II. Postmortem burns.

A. Extensively burned skin of head, chest, and abdomen.
B. 30% total body surface area burns.
C. No soot in the trachea or bronchi.

III.Toxicology Report.
A. Methylphenidate present.

The decedent is a 41-year-old Black male who on 1/26/2020 was a passenger in a commercial helicopter that crashed into the mountainside in the city of Calabasas. He was pronounced dead at the scene on 1/26/2020. at 1010 hours.


Blunt trauma.

Blunt trauma of the head. Examination of the head reveals a flattened but generally intact face and scalp. There is a & x 5 inch laceration of the frontal scalp involving the right eye exposing the cranial vault. No brain matter is identified. The left eye is present and appears to be brown in color with congested hemorrhagic sclera. The left lower chin shows a 6 x 6-inch laceration exposing the tongue and multiple fractured segments of the mandible.

Those fragments contained intact teeth. Examination of the occipital aspect of the scalp reveals a 6 x 4-1/2 inch laceration involving the mid to left aspect of the scalp. There’s also a laceration noted to the right superior parietal scalp. The neck area is exposed showing a segment of the cervical spine. The hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage show multiple fractures,


Examination of the skin reveals a large laceration involving the anterior neck, upward chest, and left shoulder area. The chest cavity is visible through this defect. A 1-1/2 x 1-inch laceration is noted to the right lateral lower chest. The skin is torn below the pubic region and anteriorly and extends circumferentially toward the back just superior to the buttocks. Both clavicles, the entire rib cage, the pelvis, and the lumbar and sacral spine show fractures.


The left arm is attached and contains multiple fractures of the humerus, radius, and ulna. Lacerations are noted on the axillary region and mid-upper arm. Examination of the hand reveals a laceration to the palmer aspect of the hand as well as the dorsal aspect of the hand. There is an avulsion of the 4% fingernail. There is a traumatic amputation of the right arm. Submitted separately is the right forearm. The dorsal aspect shows a compound (open) fracture of the radius.

The amputation site shows ragged skin and exposed muscle along with fragments of radius and ulna. Skin slippage 1s noted on the. dorsal of the right hand: The ventral aspect shows a 2-1/2 inch laceration at the base of the thumb. Multiple tattoos are identified from the ventral aspect of the forearm. Examination of the lower extremities shows complete disruption of anatomic structures resulting in a fragmentation of muscle, tendon, and skin. BA’s right femoral head is identified but no femoral condyle.

The left femoral neck and hip are identified. A distal fragment of the femur with condyle is noted. There appears to be a fracture of the lateral condyle. No feet are attached to the body. They are traumatically amputated above the ankle. Two feet present, are present inside multicolored court shoes. They are identified by shoe size. An amorphous mass of soft tissue is identified via DNA analysis as belonging to Kobe Bean Bryant.


Examination of the skin reveals extensive burning of the left temporal parietal scalp as well as the right superior parietal scalp and right occipital scalp. The entire anterior chest shows extensive burning as well as a segment of the left lateral arm and hand. Examination of the back reveals focal areas of extensively burned skin involving the right midback and lower back. In aggregate, it amounts to approximately 30% of total body surface area burns.


The body is identified by toe tags and is that of an unembalmed Black male. The entirety of the body measures 85 inches which obviously does not reflect the original height of the body. The total weight of the body is 178 pounds. There is a partial tattoo noted on the right upper arm which is disrupted by the traumatic amputation and reveals what appears to be a segment of butterfly which is part of a crown and radiating dark lines expanding from the crown.

Examination of the right forearm shows multiple tattoos which include the name “Bianka”, below that is the word “Bella”, below that is the name “Gianna”, below that is the name “Maria-Onore”, below that is the word “Natalia”, and below that is the word “Diamante”. Below that is a diamond. A mustache is noted on the upper lip. The left eye is brown and hemorrhagic. Lower teeth are present amongst the fractured mandible. The penis is identified and is circumcised but shows traumatic degloving. :


None. – There has not been postmortem intervention for procurement.


The body was not clothed but I did examine the clothing and it consists of the following: There are 7 items of clothing. Each shows tearing artifacts and some show burned artifacts and each has a strong odor of fuel. OF the 7 items only 2 are recognizable. One is a pair of underwear with an elastic band that reads Calvin Klein and the other is a pair of black pants with an elastic waist.


The body cavities are entered through the standard coronal incision. The chest and abdominal cavities are empty secondary to traumatic evisceration. The entire rib cage is disrupted with multiple fractures of the cervical thoracic lumbar and sacral spine.


The following observations are limited to findings other than injuries that have been described above.

Note: Minimal organs are recovered and only those will be described.


Two fragments of heart muscle are identified weighing in at an aggregate of 175 grams. Papillary musculature. is identified, however, no other structures are noted.


No soot is found in the upper respiratory or lower bronchial passages. A nearly intact left lung is identified which weighs 330 grams. A segment of the right lung is attached to a bronchi and that segment weighs 75 grams. The parenchyma of both lung segments shows hemorrhage.


A 200 cm segment of the small and large bowel is recovered. Softgreen stool is noted in the colon. The small bowel contents are minimal. No appendix is identified in any of the bowel segments.


A fragmented liver is recovered, This fragment weighs 200 grams. An attached gall bladder is noted which contains 1 cc of bile. This bile is collected.


A single kidney which has been fragmented into three separate parts is collected. It weighs 120 grams. No other identifiable organs are identified.


Representative sections of various organs are preserved in one storage jar in 10% formalin.


Bile, liver tissue, and vitreous humor have been submitted to the lab. A comprehensive screen was requested.


Photographs have been taken prior to and during the course of the autopsy.


The body was fluoroscope and x-rays were taken of the head, chest, and extremities. X-rays reveal multiple fragmented bones involving the entire body.




Diagrams Form 20 and 43 were used during the performance of the autopsy. The diagrams are not intended to be facsimiles.


The cause of death of this 41-year-old Black male identified as Kobe Bean Bryant, is due to blunt trauma. These injuries are rapidly if not instantly fatal. Thermal burns present on the head, chest, and extremities are postmortem and did not contribute to death. The manner of death is deemed an accident.

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